About the conference

The European Conference Paris 2017 organised by EASSW and UNAFORIS, under the patronage of UNESCO, takes place in a context of unprecedented changes in our societies.

This international event aims at the elaboration of new approaches, both social and pedagogical, to tackle those new challenges at a global scale. By fostering discussion and exchanges on four key topics, this initiative will allow participants to give an essential contribution to the quality of social work education in the future.

The Conference will take place on :

June 27 to 29, 2017
At Paris-Descartes University, 75006 Paris

The four main thematics that will be addressed are :

  • Prospects, methodology, research and innovatory practice in social work education
  • Development of curriculum and course contents in social work
  • Ethical issues: teaching ethics and being ethical teachers
  • Structural and organizational conditions, and professional status


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