Introducing Almas Amin

My journey to EASSW

almasHi my name is Almas Amin and I am a social work student studying at Salford university. I came across social work once I encouraged my parents to become foster careers. Soon after I would see social workers on a regular basis therefore I became interested in this profession. At first I assumed social workers usually worked with children but as I did more research on social work I learnt that social work has a variety of never ending fields. This is when I realised that this was the right career for me. At this moment of time I am having slightly difficulties with choosing what field of social work I would like to go into, I am hoping that the EASSW conference gives me some sort of guidance on which field would be best suited for me. So far I have enjoyed every part of my course and I am excited to go on placement to actually put my knowledge into practice.

I am very excited that I will be attending this years EASSW conference. I aspire to gain insight on how social work practice may differ from the country I live in. The EASSW conference has a lot of variety to choose for instance not only will conferences be taken place but master classes and workshops will also be take place. Having a variety of speakers speaking about different topics will give me the opportunity to learn more. I am particularly interested in hearing from Nada Al-Nashif, after reading her background I am very intrigued to hear from her experiences and hopefully will be inspired to create similar experiences. A topic I am interested in is international collaborations and transnational project. This is because in the future I would love to travel to different countries and have the opportunity practice social work. I feel that this lecture may inspire and encourage me to travel.

I will be tweeting my experience about the EASSW conference from my personal twitter account.

So you can follow me @87almas or the official EASSW page on twitter @EASSW


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