Introducing Calum Wiggle

Calum blog picCourse: Social Work MA Year 2 (1 month off completion!)

How I came to study social work: I have always loved working with people, and all of the complexities that that brings and felt that I had the skills and passion needed to bring about the social change that is the fabric of social work.

Twitter:  @wayofthew

What have I enjoyed learning about as part of my course?

Where do I begin! I feel that the best part of the course has been the appreciation that I have gained that there is absolutely no black and white when it comes to Social Work practice. This has led to some relatively colourful discussions in lectures and beyond (even the pub!). Every route that we can go down when working with service users can be challenged, and therefore it is so essential to have clearly considered your position carefully. In practice, I currently work with young people at risk of homelessness, and I have really been able gain an absolute appreciation of how very important giving young people a voice in decision making is, as this is what really creates engagement and a strong working relationship.

What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about the impact of the various different welfare systems on service users, especially incorporating Foucault’s theory of governmentality in welfare, which is oh so relevant in the UK at the moment with the current proposal of bringing CBT into the job centre (where people sign up for unemployment benefit)… I have been wrapped up in the various forms of research into Child Sexual Exploitation for my dissertation, and have argued for harnessing of young people’s agency and voice as a way of combating this grave form of abuse in the UK (one of those not black or white areas I mentioned previously). I am also really interested in the position of practice learning in social work education outside of the UK, which is one of the main areas I would love to get involved in the discussion at EASSW.

What do I want to achieve at EASSW?

De parler en Français, bien sûr, but also to gain different perspectives from across Europe and beyond on innovative social work practice.


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